GF - Human Inquisition v2.50

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Background Story

The Human Inquisition are religious fanatics and other misfits roaming the galaxy with the goal of purifying all souls, even if they don’t know how.

It is unclear when exactly the Human Inquisition started, though some believe that it formed as soon as humanity reached the Sirius sector. The only thing that’s clear is that once confronted with a myriad of alien species, some turned to religious sects to calm their fears.

These sects then send out inquisitors with a retinue of ragtag warriors and assassins, who each bring their own specialty to battle. They usually join HDF armies in their campaigns, who gladly accept their help, even if they might not believe in their cause.

Most alien races are caught by surprise when faced with such religious fanaticism, but then again, nobody expects the Human Inquisition!

Game Design: Gaetano Ferrara
Illustrations: Brandon Gillam
GF - Human Inquisition v2.50
Name [size] Qua Def Equipment Special Rules Upgrades Cost
Inquisitor [1]
Heavy Pistol (12”, A1, AP(1)), CCW (A2)
Fearless, Hero, Tough(3)
Spy Assassin [1]
Neuro Pistol (12”, A9, Rending), Toxic Blade (A9, Poison)
Ambush, Fast, Hero, Regeneration, Stealth, Strider, Tough(6)
Assault Assassin [1]
Executioner Gun (12”, A6, Poison), Energy Claw (A9, Rending)
Fast, Furious, Hero, Regeneration, Scout, Stealth, Strider, Tough(6)
Terror Assassin [1]
Helmet Laser (18”, A3, AP(1), Sniper), Psy-Grenades (A3, Blast(3), AP(1))
Fast, Fear, Hero, Regeneration, Scout, Stealth, Strider, Tough(6)
Sniper Assassin [1]
Heavy Rifle (36”, A1, AP(4), Deadly(3), Sniper), Combat Knife (A3)
Fast, Hero, Regeneration, Scout, Stealth, Strider, Tough(6)
Henchmen [3]
Pistols (12”, A1), CCWs (A2)
Private Guard [10]
Rifles (24”, A1), CCWs (A1)
Light APC [1]
2x Heavy Flamethrowers (12”, A6, AP(1))
Fast, Impact(6), Tough(6), Transport(11)
A Replace Heavy Pistol:
Combat Shield (Shield Wall) +5pts
Fusion Pistol (6", A1, AP(4), Deadly(3)) +5pts
Needle Pistol (12”, A1, Poison) +5pts
Plasma Pistol (12”, A1, AP(4)) +5pts
Heavy Rifle (24”, A1, AP(1)) +5pts
Plasma Rifle (24”, A1, AP(4)) +15pts
Fusion Rifle (12", A1, AP(4), Deadly(3)) +20pts
Flamethrower (12”, A6) +20pts
Storm Rifle (24", A3, AP(1)) +30pts
Take one Heavy Rifle attachment:
Fusion-Mod (6", A1, AP(4), Deadly(3)) +10pts
Plasma-Mod (12”, A1, AP(4)) +10pts
Flamer-Mod (6”, A6) +15pts
Replace CCW:
Energy Hammer (A1, Blast(3)) +5pts
Energy Sword (A2, AP(1), Rending) +5pts
Chain-Fist (A1, AP(2), Deadly(3)) +10pts
Energy Fist (A2, AP(4)) +10pts
Upgrade with:
Forbidden Lore (Psychic(1)) +35pts
Upgrade with one:
Daemon Hunter +15pts
Alien Hunter +15pts
Witch Hunter +25pts
B Replace all Pistols and CCWs:
Daemon Bursts (A1, Blast(3)) -5pts
Assassin Blades (A2, Poison) +5pts
Cyborg Arms (A2, AP(4)) +15pts
Energy Swords (A2, AP(1), Rending)Crusader Shields (Shield Wall) +15pts
Dual Arc-Flails (A4, Rending) +20pts
Replace any Pistol:
Plasma Pistol (12”, A1, AP(4)) +5pts
Shotgun (12”, A2, AP(1)) +5pts
Smith Gun (18”, A2, Rending) +5pts
Replace any CCW:
Energy Sword (A2, AP(1), Rending) +5pts
Upgrade all models with one:
Acolyte (Fearless) +5pts
Missionary (Furious) +5pts
Cyber Chimp (Relentless) +5pts
Mystic (Beacon) +10pts
Fanatic (Regeneration) +15pts
Mystic (Psychic Host) +95pts
C Replace up to two Rifles:
Plasma Rifle (24”, A1, AP(4)) +5pts
Fusion Rifle (12", A1, AP(4), Deadly(3)) +10pts
Flamethrower (12”, A6) +10pts
Shred Rifle (18”, A3, Rending) +10pts
Grenade Launcher (24", A1, Blast(3)) +10pts
Replace one Rifle and CCW:
Pistol (12", A1)CCW (A2) free
Replace one Pistol:
Plasma Pistol (12”, A1, AP(4)) +5pts
Replace one CCW:
Energy Sword (A2, AP(1), Rending) +5pts
D Replace any Heavy Flamethrower:
Heavy Machinegun (30”, A3, AP(1)) +5pts
Replace one Heavy Flamethrower:
Laser Machinegun (30”, A3, AP(3)) +20pts
Upgrade with any:
Camouflage Netting (Stealth) +10pts
Dozer Blade (Strider) +10pts
Hunter Missiles (24", A1, AP(2), Deadly(3), Lock-On) +35pts
Upgrade with one:
Storm Rifle (24”, A3, AP(1)) +25pts
Heavy Machinegun (30”, A3, AP(1)) +30pts
Special Rules

Alien Hunter: The hero and its unit get +1 attack in melee when charging.

Beacon: Friendly units using Ambush may ignore distance restrictions from enemies if they are deployed within 6” of this model.

Daemon Hunter: Enemy units can’t be set up within 18” of the hero when using Ambush.

Psychic Host: This unit counts as having Psychic(1), however only one model in the unit may cast or block spells each round. When the unit tries to cast or block spells, roll as many dice as models with this rule in it, and pick the highest result.

Shield Wall: Enemies get -1 to hit when they attack units where all models have this rule.

Witch Hunter: This model may block spells as if it had the Psychic(2) special rule. If it is a Psychic then it gets +2 to spell block rolls.

Psychic Spells
Flame Breath (4+): Target enemy unit within 12” takes 2 automatic hits with AP(2).
Foresight (4+): Target friendly unit within 12” gets +1 to hit next time it shoots.
Expel (5+): Target enemy unit within 12” takes 1 automatic hit with AP(4) and Deadly(3).
Protective Dome (5+): Target friendly unit within 12” gets Regeneration next time it takes wounds.
Psychic Speed (6+): Target friendly unit within 12” may immediately move by up to 6”.
Tempest (6+): Target enemy unit within 6” takes 1 automatic hit per model.